Periodic network maintenance plans are ideal for companies that do not want full-time IT staff, yet have significant computer hardware to upkeep. We have been doing this since 1994! Ask the competition how long they have been providing managed network services!

Your company will receive your very own IT department without the overhead! We will fix your laptops and repair your pc’s! Need software setup? Need a server setup? We are Microsoft Partners! Call 972 – 418- 2000 today!

  • 24×7 Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting
  • Asset Management, Tracking
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Back Up Reporting
  • Security Monitoring and Reporting
  • Automated Preventative Server Maintenance and Reporting
  • Custom user training
  • Regular Business Reviews with strategy Reporting

Computers have developed into a daily part of your business operation and maintaining those computers is essential to prosperity and growth. Plano Computer Service has a better way…

The “Smart Choice” Call 972-418-2232

Plano Computer Service provides regularly scheduled network management services with on-site support and remote network support included, remote monitoring, laptop repair, pc repair, user training and strategy consulting to maintain your network and computers. We understand your need for experienced professionals to provide encompassing solutions to your desktop, network, Internet, email and user training needs.

Many Benefits

  1. Avoid overhead that comes with maintaining an IT department.
  2. Year round service prevents problems.
  3. Eliminating onsite service call charges.
  4. Dedicated, experienced technicians working to strengthen your business.
  5. IT consultants dedicated to your company.
  6. Continuous management and monitoring of the corporate office computer equipment lowers your costs.
  7. Questions get answered, problems solved. We troubleshoot user-related problems, pc, laptop and smartphone issues.
  8. Coordinate, investigate and document resolution of server problems.
  9. Install security patches to all computer systems.
  10. Manage software licenses.
  11. We act as liaison between users and outside vendors on your behalf.
  12. PC Support for your staff.
  13. Spyware cleanup
  14. Virus clean up if a system does get infected.
  15. Programs to prevent spam and other junk mail problems.
  16. Perform software setup/changes/deletions as requested by local administrators.
  17. Check backup logs noting errors, if any.
  18. Periodically check backup media and verify restore process.
  19. Restore applications and available data if requested by administrators.
  20. Ensure mail is routing properly and check for dead mail.
  21. Ensure server databases are replicating as scheduled.
  22. Check server logs for communication problems.
  23. Monitor disk space usage on servers and workstations.
  24. Perform operating system disk, check when appropriate.
  25. Reboot servers to de-fragment memory pools, etc.
  26. Identify and archive old data as required by regulations.
  27. Perform hardware diagnostics and inspections on system hardware, when appropriate.
  28. Perform workstation maintenance to include hard disks. memory and disk space.
  29. Periodically scan and defrag workstation hard drives.
  30. 16 years experience.

There are other companies who have started to offer these services in the last couple of years. We have been maintaining networks a long time and have learned what works over and over. If you want a smooth running network, please contact our office before signing any maintenance agreement anywhere else! Call 972-418-2232

The Plano Computer Service “Smart Choice” Call 972-418-2232 Customer Service – 24 hours a day
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